Loan Analysis Network Integrity Software

Is The Cloud-Based Mortgage Prequalification, Presentation, and Compliance Solution

The short video below highlights some of the Key Features and Results

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Loan Officers Can Increase Loan Submit to Close and Can Save 8 to 12 Hours a Week or More

3.2 Compliant and MISMO 3.4 URLA Coming Soon

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Borrower wants to see multiple Loan Options

This is going to take a long time and I’m tired of using old presentation software.

I need a better way to satisfy the borrower.


Multiple Loan Options – NO Problem

I’ll send you Five Loan Options with Closing Costs and a Side-by-Side Comparison.

For the Loan Officer, LANIS TIER ONE solves Loan Origination Issues. Over 700 Calculations, over 190 decision trees, and over 120 Compliance / Guideline Checks provides Accuracy with Income Calcs, Pricing, DTI, Reserve Requirements, Net Tangible Benefit, Schedule E Rental Calcs, Loan Payoffs, ARM Qualifying Rates, and Interest Only Qualifying Amortization.

For the Borrower, LANIS TIER ONE provides a comprehensive two full-page financial analysis. Five (5) Loan Side-by-Side Comparison with ROI, Net Cost of Money over Time, Purchase Total Cost Analysis, Reserves Required, Transparency of Fees, and Principal Reduction Over 5 Years.

Supports the Following Loan Types

Accelerate the Process From Origination to Close