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  • 15% discount, approximate savings of $150 per year
  • Savings will offset the cost of the NAMB membership for 1 year as long as you subscribe and are a member of NAMB

LANIS is offering a 60-Day FREE Trial to NAMB Members. The system will send you the standard 30-day trial notification and then you will receive a second email notifying you of the Additional 30-day extension. The system will notify you again and ask you if you wish to subscribe 7 days before the end of the trial period and at that time, please enter your credit card information should you choose to remain as a customer.

Accelerate the Process from Origination to Close

Provides Borrower comprehensive financial analysis:

5 side by side loan comparisons

Net cost of money over time

Purchase total cost analysis

Reserves required, transparency of fees, principal reduction over 5 years

Over 700 Built-in calculations and decision trees provide:

Accuracy with Income Calcs, Pricing, DTI, Reserve Requirements

Net Tangible Benefit, Schedule E Rental Calcs, Loan Payoffs

ARM Qualifying Rates, Interest only qualifying amortization

Supports the following loan types

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA

Jumbo, Portfolio, Fix & Flip, Hard Money, Construction, Small Commercial, Non-QM

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